Advocacy Friends

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Become a FRIEND

If you spot someone who may be in need of support, or someone has come to you for advice. Be a F.R.I.E.N.D.

•F – Find out what is wrong and if you can help


•Demonstrate empathy

•Ask open-ended questions (how, who, what, where, when and why)

•Be non-judgemental

•R – Reassure them that help is available

•Let them know that there is help and support out there

•I – Inform and let them know what self-help resources are available

•Give information about services that can support them

•Support them to gain self-advocacy skills if appropriate

•Explore possible options and outcomes

Top tip: ‘The Hub of Hope’ is a great place to find services in your area

•E – Encourage them to speak up

•Ultimately, we want the person to make their own decisions and to speak up for themselves

•Offer to help the person achieve the outcome they want

•N – Need professional help?

•Consider if formal advocacy may be needed, you can call us and ask for help with this

•Consider signposting to another service if needed

•If the person does not wish to seek professional help and they are in danger or at risk of harm, consider breaking confidentiality

•D – Debrief

•Self-care  when helping others is essential. Look after your own wellbeing

•Think about what worked well and what additional information you may need to be aware of for next time

•Celebrate the fact you just helped someone!