Advocacy Friends

At Advocacy Focus, we estimate that 1 in 3 people are missing out on vital advocacy support. This means that someone in your family, friendship group or local community could benefit from the support of an Advocacy Friend.

To become an Advocacy Friend, all you have to do is complete this online training course. Once you have successfully completed the course, you will receive a certificate to demonstrate your advocacy knowledge and host of self-help resources to use and share with your community.

Welcome Course Aims What is an Advocate? A brief history of Advocacy What is Advocacy today? What is an Advocacy Friend? Community Advocacy Self-Advocacy The Advocacy Charter Trust & Confidentiality Breaking Confidentiality Signposting Become a FRIEND Qualities of an Advocacy Friend What will I be doing? How will I benefit? Spotting the signs Case Study 1 Case Study 2 Case Study 3 Next steps Resources Test your knowledge!

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