Advocacy Friends

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Case Study 1

You notice your neighbour seems to be in severe pain and discomfort. When you ask her what is wrong, she tells you that she has a pain in her hip but doesn’t want to go and see a doctor.

F – Find out what is wrong and if you can help. Your neighbour says she doesn’t want to go and see the doctor. When you talk to her you find out it’s because she is scared to visit her GP in case he tells her bad news.

R– Reassure that help is available – Reassure your neighbour that doctors are there to help and it would be helpful for her to see someone about her pain, or it won’t get better.

I – Inform and let them know what self-help resources are available – discuss all options with your neighbour. Could she visit a pharmacy, call 111, or would she visit her GP if someone went with her? Explore options and possible outcomes.

E – Encourage them to self-advocate – encourage her to make a plan of action, i.e. phoning the doctor, writing what she wants to say and whether or not she wants someone with her.

N – Need professional help? – Your neighbour decides to ring 111 and gets an appointment at an urgent care centre. She decided she would go as long as her niece went with her.

D – Debrief – your neighbour got the help she needed. Give yourself a pat on the back!