Family & Friends Focus

What is Family & Friends Focus?

It’s quite simple – we are here to support people who need help when it comes to speaking up for themselves or for their loved ones. We know, because you have told us that so many people struggle to advocate for themselves or others. We also know that people just need a little bit of help to understand their situation and make sense of things. So, we’ve improved our support for people who have the toughest job of all – standing up for the people they love. It focuses on health and social care, but with the power of advocacy, it can help people with most things they face. 

To help you advocate for others, we have developed a range of tools, resources and webinars. We hope they will boost your confidence, build on your current knowledge and give you the help you need. We here to help you understand the law, your rights, what to expect in important meetings and to be your guide through challenging times. We can also offer some one-to-one support when you really need it. 


How It Can Help 

  • Information:  

We will share guidance on health and social care meetings, including what might happen during these and ‘How To’ guides. You might be someone’s Relevant Persons Representative (RPR) or their Nearest Relative and want to know more about your role. We have the tools to help you.  

  • Advocacy:  

We will help you understand the role of advocacy and advocating for others and why it is important for people to feel listened to and central to the decision-making process.  

  • Rights and safeguarding:  

We will explain the different rights people have under law, tell you about safeguarding procedures and what to do if you are worried about someone. 

  • Training:  

We will train you to become unpaid advocates for people you care for, and you can become an Advocacy Friend. Click here to find out more   


Extra help:  

When you have tried but still need some extra support, we can give you 1-1 personalised telephone support, or we can meet with you to give you the help you need.  

Friends & Family Focus is extra support for people in Lancashire. It will help them build the knowledge and skills they need to be effective advocates for the people they care about. Family & Friends is all about creating a stronger, more informed and resilient Lancashire community.

If you have any questions or would like to send us a suggestion for resources or give us feedback, get in touch at  

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