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Advocacy Focus provides bespoke Independent Advocacy Services on a spot purchase basis.

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Where do we currently deliver spot purchase work?

We work across the North of England and within a 60-mile radius of our Lancashire head office in Accrington.

We are always happy to discuss supporting people in other areas and a simple telephone call to us will be able to confirm whether we can cover the area in which you require support in.

If we cannot offer support at this current time, we will help source and signpost you to other advocacy providers who may be able to help.

Who can refer for our support?

Referrals from professionals

You may require support for the person you are working with. Or you could be a Local Authority outside of the Lancashire area, who requires support for an individual in Lancashire. For some cases we can provide reports and updates, however this is very much dependent on the casework being completed and we will discuss this with you  at the point of referral.


You can self-refer to receive advocacy support, providing the support you require is not “statutory support”. Statutory support means that advocacy should be provided to you free of charge, by the Local Authority which are responsible for you. This should be routinely provided to you by them. If statutory support is not available to you, you can refer yourself for an Advocate, but you would be responsible for paying for this service.

We can support you with preparing for meetings, writing down questions and prompts to help facilitate a productive meeting, support you to have your voice heard and ensure the meeting participants adapt their approach to any communication needs you may have. We can record and reflect with you on points discussed in the meeting, and action plan next steps with you, including providing you with tools to help you self-advocate in future.

We have a team of specialist Spot Purchase Advocates who are trained to the same exacting standards as our contracted Independent Advocates and are all qualified in the Independent Advocacy Qualification (IAQ). Our Spot Purchase Advocates are multi-skilled and can follow a person through their health and social care journey working across multiple strands of advocacy and provide the right level of support where needed.

If you have a query regarding a person you are supporting, or you are an individual wanting to know if advocacy support would be helpful to you, please contact us to discuss it further. We are happy to accept telephone queries to talk through people’s individual needs.

We can support people regarding:

in a home setting. This includes either a Relevant Person’s Representative (RPR) referral, Independent Mental Capacity Act (IMCA) referral, or a Rule 1.2 Representative.

including people moving accommodation, or having serious medical treatment.


support for people who are detained under the Mental Health Act in a hospital or qualifying patients in the community (Community Treatment Order, Guardianship or S41 conditional discharge).

for safeguarding purposes, or if a person is having an assessment or review of their needs. Or to assist someone understanding and putting their views and wishes forward on their Personal Health Budget.

to GPs, Hospitals, medical facilities, and Local Authorities.

preparing for, and attending meetings and court hearings.

for example, a parent or a grandparent who wishes to make a complaint regarding the Child Protection process.

issue-based support, if advocacy is beneficial and would assist a person to have their views, wishes and feelings heard and put forward in decisions related to them.

What can a Spot Purchase Advocate do?

  • Meet the person, either face to face, talk via telephone, or use remote methods to identify what the person wants regarding a specific decision, or discuss the advocacy support required.
  • Explain a person’s rights and entitlements and help them to explore the options available, independent of any other services.
  • Listen to the person, find out their wishes and feelings, and support them to have their voice heard, feel listened to, and help people to feel empowered to advocate for themself.
  • Help individuals to make their own informed decisions with all the necessary information provided to them, in the best and most accessible way possible for them, written, visual or pictorial.

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If you wish to Spot Purchase Us please contact us on 0300 323 0965 or email

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