St Helens ‘All-Age Advocacy Hub’ announcement

We are pleased to announce that we will be delivering the St Helens Adults Advocacy Hub from the 1st April 2023.

Advocacy Focus already provides the Children’s Rights, Advocacy and Independent Visitor service in St Helens, which means we can now provide seamless advocacy support to people of all ages. The service will be known as ‘The All-Age Advocacy Hub’, as we will be able to follow the people of St Helens through all stages of life, without having to pass people on to different services or providers for their support needs. This will be especially beneficial to young adults who transition from Children’s Social Care to Adult Social Care. It will allow them to be supported by advocates who are familiar to them and already know the issues they are facing.

So, what does this mean for St Helens? We will be delivering a range of non-statutory and statutory advocacy to ensure as many people are able to get the support they need. We have a team of multi-skilled Independent Advocates who can support people across all statutory advocacy provisions. This allows for a person-led service, and no matter what the issue or strand of advocacy people need, we have someone on the team who is equipped and ready to support.

As part of our extended offer, we will also provide student placements, work experience programmes, apprenticeships, and volunteering opportunities. This will help us to sustain and deliver meaningful services and provide unique opportunities for the residents of St Helens that are seeking employment or want to get involved at a community level.

At Advocacy Focus our starting point is always self-advocacy and helping people to become their own best advocate. We know that people are the experts in their own lives and we help support them to live the lives they want to live. Therefore, to give the people of St Helens the best possible chance of being seen, heard and listened to when it comes to making important decisions about their lives; we will be providing free training, tools and resources via our website:

“We already have a brilliant working relationship with the people and professionals of St Helens and cannot wait to provide a seamless all age advocacy hub, for all the communities’ advocacy needs. Advocacy Focus has been providing high quality advocacy for over 25 years and we are passionate about positive outcomes for people going through challenging health and social care matters. We are a free and independent service, and we are on your side. We cannot wait to extend our services in St Helens and help anyone we work with to achieve the life outcomes they are hoping for.”

Justine Forster – Chief Executive Officer, Advocacy Focus

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