We are raising vital funds for our Looked After Children Services and need your help.  Here is Stephen’s story:

Stephen is 7 years old and has ASD& ADHD.   He was placed with a foster family after a very difficult childhood and was soon thriving. The entire foster family thought of him as “their own” and he was settled for the first time in his life.

However, a year later the decision was taken by the local authority to move Stephen and place him with another foster family, due to how close he was living to his birth family and the risk this posed. The impact for everyone was potentially devastating.

Our Advocate worked with Stephen, fiercely championed his rights and highlighted the impact of such a move to the local authority. After a very lengthy and emotionally charged process – which involved gaining the support of the Children’s Commissioner for England – the local authority apologised for their actions and agreed that Stephen would not be moved.  They then agreed to support the foster family with a house relocation to reduce any future risks and to keep Stephen and his new family together. 

Stephen continues to thrive and is happy and settled thanks to the support of his tenacious Advocate.

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