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Supporting and safeguarding young people as they make the transition to independence.

For many young people, approaching adulthood can be a confusing and stressful time. For those who have lived in care and who don’t have the support of family, it can be even more worrisome.

It is essential when the time comes for a young person to leave the care system, that they feel supported and listened to. It is important that they are aware of the options they have and can make informed choices about their future.

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What is Care Leavers Advocacy?

Advocacy Focus’ Care Leavers Advocacy Service in St Helens makes sure that young people receive the support they need when they leave care. For some young people, living in care can be all they’ve ever known, so stepping out into the big wide world can be very scary for them.

A Care Leavers Advocate is a specialist, independent person, who is there to make sure that young people in St Helens receive the support they need during this transition to independence.

How can a Care Leavers Advocate help?

They can:

  • Help them be more involved in important decisions about their life after care
  • Communicate their needs and wishes for their life after care
  • Be a source of support throughout the transition process
  • Ensure the young person is aware of – and exercises – their rights
  • Challenge decisions made on the young person’s behalf – if required
  • Provide information on their entitlements
  • Ensure the young person is aware of the options available to them
  • Work with the young person to get the outcome they want
  • Signpost to services that can help such as financial services or employment services

An Independent Advocate will ensure that all young people leaving care have the help, information and access to services they deserve. We aim to ensure that care leavers have the same opportunities as everyone else and that most importantly, they are happy with their life after leaving care.

An Advocate works independently of social services and care professionals, working in the best interests of the care leaver.

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