Child Protection


We believe that every young person has the right to say what they think in all matters affecting them and to have their views taken seriously. We believe our support can help young people achieve the outcomes important to them, feel happier, safer and live more fulfilled lives.

The Children’s Act says that young people must be treated with respect, and this includes being listened to and being involved in decisions when plans are being made that affect their lives.

What is Child Protection Advocacy?

Child protection is part of the safeguarding process and focuses on the protection of young people who have been identified as suffering or likely to suffer significant harm.

Here at Advocacy Focus, we offer Child Protection Advocacy in Trafford for young people over the age of 8 who are the subject to multi-agency child protection plans. We are committed to giving young people a voice and a say in their care planning.

Our Child Protection Advocate will champion the young person’s rights and ensure that every young person’s voice is heard, valued and at the center of any decisions which affect their lives.

What is a Child Protection Conference?

A Child Protection Conference is a meeting that takes place as a result of concerns about a child’s safety or the safety of a member of the child’s family. The reason for the meeting is to decide whether or not there is a risk of significant harm.

If this meeting does decide that there is a serious risk to the child’s safety, a Child Protection Plan will be put in place. The Plan will be agreed by the parent/carers and all the professionals involved.

Child Protection Advocacy helps promote the rights of children and young people in Trafford. Children and Young People have a right to be involved in making decisions around their care, and advocacy is one of the ways in which a child can voice his or her opinions.

What is the role of an Advocate?

It is a legal requirement that children and young peoples’ thoughts, wishes and feelings are respected and taken into account when plans are being made for them.

Our Advocates work passionately to build relationships with young people on a one-to-one basis, gaining their trust and supporting them to make or be more involved in important decisions.

We will attend meetings with them, help them understand processes and procedures and most importantly, help them communicate their thoughts and wishes no matter what these may be.

How can we help?

Our Advocate will:

  • Provide individual and confidential support to young people going through child protection proceedings
  • Provide advocacy for children prior to and during their Child Protection Conferences and Reviews
  • Support each child or young person to express their views and feelings, help them to understand their rights and be involved in decision making
  • Attend Child Protection Conferences and Reviews, attend core group meetings with the child/young person to help them represent their views and opinions
  • Provide accurate, accessible and relevant information through practical support and appropriate referrals to specialist services where necessary
  • Help the child or young person understand why certain processes exist and why others are worried about them

Our Child Protection Advocacy Service is always led by the views and wishes of children and young people. We listen carefully to children’s views and feelings and are passionate about giving them a voice in important decisions, and that most of all, they are treated fairly and that outcomes are reached in their best interests.

Trafford Children’s Rights Service

The Children’s Rights Service is there if you are having problems or need help or advice.
They are not social workers and are independent. They will not tell anyone else anything you say to them something that you want kept between you and them, unless you or someone else could be seriously harmed.

If you have a complaint they can support you or speak for you if you want. You may be unhappy about:

  • Plans for your future
  • Contact with your family
  • Placement change
  • Staying over with friends
  • Your education
  • Behaviour of your carer or worker

They can also attend your view with you if you want.

Contact by phone call Mark Bailey 0161 912 5094 or by Email

How do I refer for a Child Protection Advocate?

Self-referral – you can self refer at any time, simply contact us on 0300 323 0965, send us an email or speak to one of our Advocates via our live chat now.

Social worker referral – If you are a Social Worker and wish to make a referral, please click the link below.

Download our leaflet here.

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