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Peer and Self Advocacy Service

Advocacy Focus is now supporting the Peer and Self-Advocacy service in Trafford. This service is for people with a learning disability and autism, it is independent from health and social care services, and is free to join.

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What is peer support?

Peer support provides opportunities for people with shared or similar experiences to come together and support each other.

Who is this group for?

This brand-new group is open to anyone over the age of 18 with a learning disability and/or autism living in Trafford. This group is right for you if you want to develop your confidence, knowledge and self-advocacy skills, whilst using your own life experiences to help others and develop the future of Trafford services. By being part of this group, you will influence and make change within the NHS and local authority services to create better experiences for everyone who uses them.

If you join the group…

  • You will be part of a collective voice in tackling issues within health and social care services;
  • You will influence the design, delivery, and evaluation of services delivered in the Trafford Borough;
  • You will help ensure that services are really what the community wants and needs.

The aims of the group are to…

  • Organise peer and self-advocacy meetings in the Trafford Borough​;
  • Work together to improve services​ and be involved in the creation of new services in the local area;
  • Raise awareness & discuss topical issues about learning disabilities and autism, within the local and professional communities of Trafford;
  • Make change at senior level within Trafford council;
  • Ensure people’s voices are heard and acted upon.

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To find out more, or speak to one of our team:

Call Ian on 07734 368541

Call the Advocacy Focus office on 0300 323 0965

Email admin@advocacyfocus.org.uk


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