Pop Up Advocacy is coming to a town near you.

Simply keep an eye out for which towns and communities we will be appearing in and join us there!

What is Pop Up Advocacy?

Advocacy means giving people a voice to speak up and be heard about their health or social care.

A lot of people appear confused when you say the word advocacy to them and one of the main goals of our pop-up events is to help explain what advocacy is and if it can help them. A lot of people who need advocacy support are unaware it exists, for free.

In 2017, we raised funds to buy ourselves a gazebo and set off on our Pop Up Advocacy tour of the north-west. You may have seen us pop up in local communities and shopping centers across Lancashire, but we still have many more towns on the agenda.

Pop Up Advocacy gives you the chance to stop by and talk to fully trained, Independent Advocates. Here you can:

  • Talk to an Advocate, seek advice about advocacy services and better understand your rights in relation to health and social care matters
  • Learn how to be your own Advocate with self-help packs
  • Find out how an Advocate can help you make a healthcare or social care complaint
  • Learn more about free advocacy support available to you or someone you know
  • Self-refer to our service / understand how to refer for an Advocate
  • Find out about similar services which may be of use to you

Our advocacy support is completely independent from local authorities and the NHS, which means that our services are not biased and we work for the individual.

Find out when our next Pop Up Advocacy event will be by viewing our latest events.

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