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We work hard to add value to our community in everything that we do, recognising that we have a social responsibility to make a positive impact on our environment and economy as well as our people.

We ensure that we are resourceful and provide the best possible value for services in relation to any of the funds we have centrally or locally allocated, or those that we raise through our own efforts.

Environmental Policy

This policy focuses mainly on a ‘minimum waste’ approach.  We recycle wherever possible and regularly review our energy consumption.  What’s more, we appoint ‘Environmental Champions’ within each of our offices to ensure that we are being environmentally conscious at all times.

Examples of our energy conserving activities include:

  • Using ‘Cloud-based’ software in our daily administration, which saves space and reduces energy consumption
  • Training Advocates in journey planning to ensure they reduce their carbon footprint
  • Employing a local shredding company to recycle all of our confidential waste
  • Working in partnership with Carbon Footprint, who plant trees on our behalf to offset our carbon emissions

Social value

As a local business ourselves, we are passionate about supporting other local businesses.  We buy local goods from local suppliers and promote the use of environmentally friendly materials at all times. We are committed to trading with local businesses wherever possible, in order to support local economic sustainability and the growth of small and family businesses.  We link with other like-minded organisations through various Chambers of Commerce across the North West.

Raising educational attainment in schools

We have strong links with schools and educational organisations across the North West.  We are keen to employ and train local apprentices, and also take local students on placements to support their studies.  We are regularly invited as guest speakers at health, social care and employability events within colleges and universities, based on our reputation to inspire students and support them in their chosen career paths.

We also encourage opportunities for our staff to participate in mentoring programmes across Lancashire to go into schools and support students who may be underachieving in regards to their predicted grades. This includes support with accessing work experience, as well as getting involved in helping them to build confidence, self-esteem and resilience.

Linking communities to the support services they want and need

As of the start of 2017, we have been providing a ‘Pop-Up’ Advocacy outreach service in our communities, where we meet with members of the public on the streets and at community venues to provide them with information regarding their rights.  We take these face to face opportunities to signpost people and facilitate their access to other health and social care support services.  If you are part of an organisation that may want to join us at these events, please get in touch!

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

We take a zero tolerance approach to Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking,

Modern slavery is a major human rights abuse and as a charitable organisation that promotes and empowers people’s Human Rights, we take great care to ensure that our business practices are complaint with all legislative requirements. We take steps to ensure that our organisation and our supplier base is free from slavery and human trafficking, in line with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

In terms of Human Trafficking, we have policies to safeguard that each and every employee and volunteer has the right to work in the UK to conform with Home Office guidance for the Prevention of Illegal Working.

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