1. World Refugee Day 2022

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    Today is #WorldRefugeeDay and it’s hard to think of a period when the international refugee regime has felt more under threat.

    It isn’t just the government which is directly attacking the legal principles which were set out to protect them, across the world refugees are demonised and discriminated against.

    Countries like Greece continue to operate illegal pushback operations which have already cost thousands of lives. The UK continues to enact inhumane policies, such as tagging and forced deportation. Denmark is attempting to follow suit and build on existing policies of confiscating asylum seekers’ valuables.

    In France both asylum seekers and those seeking to help them routinely face attacks from the authorities. Italy has seen a concerted attempt to criminalise humanitarian assistance for those crossing the Mediterranean.

    There are countless more examples, and it’s easy to feel bleak and helpless in the face of it all. We have however seen that hope shines eternal. The proposed deportation flight to Rwanda on Tuesday was stopped thanks to the efforts of diligent lawyers and campaigners. Communities have stood up, as in Peckham, to prevent immigration enforcement removing people.

    #WorldRefugeeDay is all about 

    • Protecting those who so desperately need it. 
    • Amplify their voices and 
    • Continuing to campaign for their rights. 

    Show we stand #TogetherWithRefugees, because together we can turn the tide and create a more welcoming world.

    Here are some useful links if you, or someone you know, needs support:

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