Hub of Hope

For some there’s advocacy, for those in crisis, there is the Hub of Hope.

1 in 4 people experience poor mental health at some point in their lives. This can be a scary and unfamiliar time. You may be at breaking point. You may feel like you can’t go on. Maybe you feel that everyone would be better off without you. What do you do?





Reach for your phone and open the ‘Hub of Hope’ app. The app pinpoints your location and reveals the nearest places for help and the right people to speak to. Online, on the phone, via text message – help is out there.

What is the Hub of Hope?

The Hub of Hope is the country’s first nationwide mental health database, which brings help and support together in one place. The app will help people to find much needed support using their phone’s location to find key services and organisations. Whether it’s someone to talk to or a ‘safe place’ to visit, there is always help available.

How are we supporting the Hub of Hope?

As an Ambassador of Hope, we have undertaken the Ambassador of Hope training, an accredited mental health course which focuses on how to talk about mental health, how to effectively signpost those who need help and how to deal effectively with a person having a mental health crisis.

We will also be working in partnership with Chasing the Stigma to gather all Lancashire-based mental health services under the under one roof, via the app, and be spreading the word about this revolutionary new app across our region. The app combined with our Ambassador of Hope training will signpost people in crisis to the services that can potentially save their lives.

How do I download the Hub of Hope?

  • Simply head over to your App Store and search the ‘Hub of Hope’ or go to

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