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Children’s Rights


We believe it is essential that children and young people feel supported and listened to. Our Children’s Rights Helpline provides important information and protects young people’s rights whilst in care. We support children who may be confused about something and don’t know what to do. We help them explore their rights and options and enable them to make an informed decision. They may be confused about something and don’t know what to do. They may even want to complain and don’t know-how.

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How we can help

Our helpline will ensure children in care:

  • Are aware of their rights
  • Have their say about things that are affecting them
  • Provide information and explore options
  • Guide them through their concerns
  • Help them to make a complaint
  • Help them plan for their future and leaving care
  • Help find them an Independent Visitor, a volunteer who befriends and supports them during their time in care

Our Advocates will help to promote all the things that are in a child’s best interests, such as their education, placements, contact arrangements and their futures.


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