Helping Grace

What was the person’s situation before working with Advocacy Focus?

Grace is an 82 year old lady who has been residing in a care home for the last three years. Following the Cheshire West Case, Grace became the subject of a Deprivation of Liberty Authorisation. As Grace had no friends or family to support her, the local supervisory body requested a Paid Relevant Person’s Representative (RPR). (A role that can be undertaken by an Independent Advocate)

During one of her four weekly visits the RPR, when accessing the care plan, noticed that a Do Not attempt Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Order (DNACPR ) had been placed on Grace. When the RPR looked at the reasons why the DNACPR order had been placed on Grace it simply said “Old Age”.

How we helped

The RPR visited Grace every four weeks in an attempt ascertain her views and wishes. Grace can communicate her needs although care notes describe these as being unreliable at times.

The RPR accessed Grace’s Care plans and daily records. They also discussed with those caring for Grace any concerns and checked that conditions on the Standard Authorisation were being met. The RPR then had a discussion with the Care Home Manager about the DNACPR paperwork.

The RPR explained that the reason the order was unacceptable is because it only stated age as a reason – they explained that recent case law stated that the reasons are explicit and must state why CPR would not be successful. Also the client should as far as possible be informed that the DNACPR is in place.

What was the outcome?

The Care Home Manager reassured the RPR that they would contact the GP and ask him to come and amend the DNACPR. The RPR then checked that this had been done during her next visit.

Why was advocacy support so effective?

Freedom from discrimination – The RPR challenged the reason for the DNACPR to ensure that she wasn’t being discriminated against on the grounds of age only. The RPR supported Grace’s rights and ensured that all the least restrictive options have been considered. The RPR also ensured that the care home were aware of expiry dates and when they should be applying for a new Standard Authorisation,  ensuring Grace is not being unlawfully Deprived of her Liberty.

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of the people we support

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