Helping John

What was the person’s situation before working with Advocacy Focus?

John was a 60-year-old Jamaican man who was detained under the Mental Health Act. He had been in hospital for a few years. To ensure his safety and wellbeing, John needed support from staff when he went out. John also relied on the hospital to provide his meals, or to help him cook when he felt well enough. 
John told me that the area the hospital was located did not have a large Afro-Caribbean community. John spoke about missing certain traditional Jamaican food he grew up eating, like saltfish and ackee. John also said that the local barber was not able to cut his hair well. John was aware of an Afro-Caribbean barber and Afro-Caribbean shops in Preston. 

What was the outcome?
I supported John to ask his Dr to extend his time in the community with staff. This meant that John was able to travel further to the Afro-Caribbean barbers and shops that he had identified. John was able to buy his favourite Jamaican food and bring it back to the hospital, where staff were able to help him prepare it. 

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