Helping Roy

What was the person’s situation before working with Advocacy Focus?

After Roy* had a stroke his cognition ability deteriorated rapidly. His wife and three children were struggling to come to terms with his condition and the emotional impact this had on them all.

Section 39D IMCAs support the person, or their RPR, when a standard authorisation is in place.

How we helped

An Independent Advocate worked with Roy as a 39d IMCA. At the family’s request, the IMCA met face-to-face with the family to discuss their role in further detail. The family expressed that they would like to identify activities which could provide some stimulation for Roy which is an ongoing piece of work.

The IMCA met with Roy and spent time trying to identify his interests and hobbies and relayed this information back to his family. Working together the IMCA and family came up with creative ideas of activities which Roy could engage in which were related to the activities he used to enjoy.

What was the outcome?

Referrals to various external professionals are now underway to aid this process, as is exploration of one to one funding for external activities.

As a result of this Meeting, the IMCA is now receiving a Paid Relevant Person’s Referral, as the family identified that an Independent Advocate may be the most appropriate person to act as his RPR.

Roy’s Wife has also requested the support of an Independent Advocate to make a health complaint which the same Advocate is supporting with, as a positive relationship has already been established.

Roy’s Wife commented at a recent Best Interests Meeting:

You have helped us so much. I did not know Advocacy existed. And from meeting you today I cannot thank you enough. You are the only person who I feel has cared and been willing to help since all this happened, you have listened to, Roy and also the rest of the family. 

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of the people we support

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