Helping Ryan

What was the person’s situation before working with Advocacy Focus?

Ryan lived at home with his mum, Rachel. During his exams, Ryan confided with a member of staff at his school that his mum was drinking to excess and she had recently tried to take her own life. Children’s social care became involved to support Ryan and his mum but it was decided that it was in Ryan’s best interest to be removed from his home as he was considered to be at risk.

Ryan went to live with his dad for a short period of time, but his dad was unable to commit to Ryan full time and struggled to get him to school. Soon after, Ryan went to stay with his auntie and uncle and a Child Protection Conference was organised.

Child Protection Conference – A meeting to discuss concerns about the welfare of a child. Its main purpose is to see whether a child is at risk of harm and, if so, to agree what needs to be done to reduce this risk. 

How did we help?

Our Advocate visited Ryan at school where she set to work straight away explaining her role and what was happening and why. Ryan couldn’t understand how confiding in someone had led to him being taken from his home. He was very open about what had been going on but expressed that he wished to go back to live with his mum.

Together, the Advocate and Ryan put a plan together which outlined his concerns and what support he felt they both needed. Ryan had a copy of this and used it to put forward his own views and wishes in the meeting.

With the support of our Advocate, Ryan engaged well throughout the conference and future meetings. If Ryan needed to be at school or needed to revise, he would ask if our Advocate would go along to a meeting on his behalf. Our Advocate would leave Ryan with a summary of what was discussed and if anything would be changing moving forward.

Ryan expressed that after his exams finished he would like to return home with his mum and that he would like her to get some support for her drinking and mental health issues.

What was the outcome?

At the child protection review, it was determined that although Ryan would stay on the plan for now, it was agreed that he could return home to his mum after his exams now she is receiving extra support for her excessive drinking and mental health issues. Children’s social care supported Ryan and his mum in getting the extra support they needed moving forward.

Our Advocate continues to support Ryan and he is happy with how things are progressing and the support both him and his mum are receiving. Ryan is now in college and making plans for his future.

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of the people we support

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