Helping Tim

What was the person’s situation before working with Advocacy Focus?

Tim* has Dementia and had lived in a care home for several years.  He regularly destroyed the furniture in his bedroom and staff felt that it was in his best interests to have fitted furniture, which would hopefully alleviate the problem. 

However the financial deputy was reluctant to approve the finances.  As a result Tim had spent many months in a bedroom that was not fit for purpose, or helpful to his wellbeing.  

How we helped

The Independent Advocate contacted the financial deputy and explained that Tim spends a lot of his day in his bedroom, and as this care home is more than likely to be Tim’s forever home he would hopefully get many years benefit if the work was carried out.  The Independent Advocate also explained the Managing Authority’s reasoning behind the need for fitted furniture as opposed to free standing.

What was the outcome?

The Independent Advocate was able to put forward Tim’s views during this decision making process, in a different light which enabled the financial deputy to make his decision.

The work was approved and the fitted furniture has been in situ now for a few months. Tim has not yet attempted to destroy it, which in itself says this was the right thing to do for him.  His bedroom has now been redecorated and is a more relaxed environment for him.

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of the people we support

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