Sam’s Story

What was the person’s situation before working with Advocacy Focus?

Sam was a cared for young person, who was soon due to turn 18 and leave care.

For many years, Sam was offered cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and other therapies to support Sam to process all of his experiences living at home before he was a cared for young person. For many years, Sam had declined this support as he did not feel that this was the right thing for him at the time.

Some years later and before turning 18, Sam had started CBT sessions. Sam was told that these sessions would end when he turned 18. However, Sam wanted these sessions to carry on after he turned 18, as they were helping him to manage his emotions. Whilst the sessions that he had already completed had helped Sam, he felt that if they ended, he would still have a lot of emotions that he didn’t know how to manage and process. Sam felt that he needed these sessions to continue, to fully support him and his mental health.

What did you do to help the person?

Sam spoke to his advocate and shared how he felt. Sam’s advocate was aware that the local authority had made a promise to young people that they cared for, saying that they would ensure all young people leaving care had access to mental health services in order for them to have good mental health. Together, Sam and his advocate put together an email to the Head of Service in the local authority, asking if funding could be agreed for ongoing CBT for Sam. Sam’s advocate supported him to explain how the CBT was helping him, and what Sam felt would happen if he could not continue with the CBT sessions.

What was the outcome?

The request was agreed – funding was put in place for Sam to continue to receive CBT. This supported Sam to be able to process his emotions.

Why was advocacy support so effective?

Sam’s advocate supported him to explain how he was feeling and have his voice heard. The advocate was also able to inform Sam of his rights, and what had been promised to him as a young person leaving care.

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