Spot Purchase Advocacy for Molly

What was the person’s situation before working with Advocacy Focus?

We received a request under our Spot Purchase project to help Molly, who was appointed as a Relevant Person’s Representative (RPR). Molly was supporting her friend Josie in her desire to return home, to live with her husband. The request we received was for telephone support only.

Planning had been underway for quite some time before we got involved, however Molly requested our support to see if we could intervene and move things along, ensuring that both Molly and Josie’s rights were upheld at all times.

Molly did not feel it was in Josie’s best interests to remain in the current placement, and she should return home to live with her husband. Josie’s husband was also of the same view.

What did you do to help the person?

Although our role was limited as 39d IMCA, and was telephone support only, we were available to support Molly, at every step of the way. Our Advocate explained both Molly’s rights as Josie’s RPR, and also Josie’s rights, as being someone deprived of her liberty.

What was the outcome?

Email correspondence was frequent between our 39d IMCA and the RPR, and finally Josie returned to her family home”.

Molly emailed us to say:

While our need, and dialogue was modest, less than an hour, just being there was helpful, and I hope/think helped add a little pressure to the health services (to resolve an issue that has dragged on for 4 years). Thank you!”

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